CubeStorm Planets

Download 05.03.2009


new features, bug fixes, changes:

  • new ingame profile selection
  • new online highscore download
  • new "realtime" highscore display
  • integrated update check


bug fixes, changes:

  • some multimedia additions (success music (odetojoy), all-clear voice, keyconfig expert image)
  • (annoying) preview voice off by default now
  • full set of free hexominoes ( Hexominoes )
  • some bug small fixes, cant remember


bug fixes, changes:

  • completely revamped game mode configuration - completely custom games possible
  • online highscore system adapted to custom game config possebilities
  • jpgraph (thanks lazer) for visualisation of score distributions


bug fixes, changes:

  • fuse tetris fixed
  • combo system reworked
  • profile system reworked
  • online highscore ajax reworked


bug fixes, changes:

  • fixed a gravity gun bug
  • improved (hopefully) rotationsystem (better downkicks, kick direction selection via left / right keys)
  • lockdelay and chainreaction-delay visualisations
  • chain reaction exploit removed (juggling)
  • higscore upload fixes , online highscore ajax reworked

new features: AJAX online highscores!
bug fixes, changes:

  • pause bug fixed (thanks Lazer!!)
  • caching and gravity code reworked (lazer: hopefully now some old gravytris bugs are gone..)
  • new comment entering dialog

remaining bugs: alot, especially its still possible to cause piece-jamming with the gravity gun.

first alpha release of cubestorm.

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